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Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council
Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council

The  first step to fulfill your future dreams of reaching Canada is
to know if you have sufficient education and work experience to qualify for
applying for Canadian immigration. Click Apply Online to go to our professionally
designed online application form and fill up the details.


GLOBAL IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS is a dedicated and professional team of immigration consultants. We have our head office in Toronto, a city which is receiving most of its immigrants because of high industrialized zones and lot of job opportunities.

If you are into genuine businesses or are looking to have one, you can join us under our franchise program. If you have infrastructure, effective marketing skills, Computer Knowledge, good communications skills, you can grow with us and make decent income from any part of the world by joining our winning team. We are actively looking around the globe for associates who can join our growing organization and benefit themselves and us. Immigration consulting is a lucrative but responsible business and we will only entertain genuine business owners who can prove their credentials. Requirements for our Franchisees are as follows:

1. Office space in a prime location. (minimum 500 Sq ft)
2. Computer with Internet access, Telephone and Fax.
3. Full Time marketing representative, fluent in English, with good Communication Skills for follow up on leads and talking to Clients.
4. Invest money for advertising and arranging Immigration Seminars presented by the associates of our Company from Canada.

If you meet all the above requirements and meet our criteria, a lucrative and liberal compensation package awaits you. If you are interested in joining us, please fill up the following form and click Submit. We will review your application and get back to you.

Application for Franchise of GIS
All fields are required. Type NA for not applicable.

Personal Data











Educational Qualifications
Skills or personal attributes that support your intention to successfully setup the Franchise Operation


Are you fluent in English?
What other languages do you speak?


Home Phone


Business Phone




Date of Birth


Marital Status


How did you come to know about this opportunity?


Business Data

Name of the Company


Owner or Partner


Have you ever operated a business?
If yes, nature of business and your status (Director/Owner/Manager)

Financial Information

Total Assets




Net Worth


Funds available for investment


Do you have any office?


Address of office?


In case there is no office, do you have funds to setup office on rental or outright purchase basis?
Provide details.

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